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Surf Row Residences

Spatially oriented towards the sky, these homes utilize light and nature to inspire, elevate, and connect us with the environment.

Surfside, FL, United States

The Surf Row Residences at 8800 Collins Avenue are spatially oriented towards the sky, these homes utilize light and nature to inspire, elevate and connect us with the environment. They are simultaneously uplifting and grounded within the wondrous beauty that is the Surfside community. This exquisite development features a collection of eight private beach homes that offer refined interiors, the utmost privacy and unparalleled indoor-outdoor living adjacent to the beach.

The primary inspiration for these “garden houses” came from a desire to re-imagine the Brownstone for a tropical climate. The value of the Brownstone format is the multi-level residence, some form of porch or stoop and the benefit of each owner having its own private separated space, rather than having neighbors above you or sharing a small piece of a large condo building compound. Most of the current real estate available in Surfside is either a very small inventory of private single-family homes, or condos in large towers. The Re-Imagined Brownstone Format provides a new alternative to these two limited options. It is also a form that seeks always to become integrated and interwoven into the very fabric of the actual neighborhood, which is exactly what these new residences will achieve.

Each uniquely designed villa maximizes the indoor and outdoor connection through the precise use of skylights, layered glass and double-height ceilings. The residences range from three to five bedrooms with 3,500-5,000 square feet of indoor space. Each will have more than 2,000 square feet of private outdoor living space which includes a rooftop with a plunge pool, summer kitchen and an expansive gazebo. Each home will also feature private garages and an enclosed front yard.

875 NW 3rd Street
Miami, FL 33128
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